Inspiration for Bully

Bullying is an extremely serious issue, and as a teacher, I take a special interest in any student made to feel unsafe. I liked the idea of a young woman coming into her own and learning how to stand tall in the face of abuse. But bullies also have their stories, too. This song (I love rock music, can you tell?) inspired the idea for Bully. Now, who’s speaking in the song? Jared or Tate? That’s up to you, I guess!


5 thoughts on “Inspiration for Bully

  1. Molly Lyions

    I read this book in one day! Absolutely LOVED it! Loved how the story developed! Your heart breaks for both Jared and Tate and I for one was happy with how things ended up! Just sad it took all that trauma to pull them closer!

  2. Zeinab Zmurrod (@zeinabz)

    Hi Penelope! I was wondering if you have a list of all the songs that were mentioned in the book, and if you could publish it on here? Thank you!
    Also, Bully was great! I can’t believe that last thing happened, and how strong they all were and got through it. I can’t wait for Rival and Madoc! Was so excited when I found out it would focus on him more. ^^

  3. Gisela Salinas

    I think this song Jared is speaking. Just finished reading this book this morning I would have finished it at 230am but was too sleepy. Can’t wait for book 2!!


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