***PLAYLIST-Sorry, it’s not hyperlinked. I’m still learning. If anyone knows how to do that, I would definitely post it. 

Songs in order of appearance in book.

1. Hats Off to the Bull-Chevelle
2. Remedy-Seether
3. Chalk Outline-Three Days Grace
4. Quutamo-Apocalyptica
5. Miss Murder (Long Version)-AFI
6. Waking the Demon-Bullet for My Valentine
7. Remember Everything-Five Finger Death Punch
8. Sick-Adelita’s Way
9. Broken-Seether
10. Behind Blue Eyes-Limp Bizkit

Theme Song-The Collapse by Adelita’s Way

And other tunes that kept me zoned in:
1. Blood-In This Moment
2. Stone-Alice in Chains
3. Face to the Floor-Chevelle


2 thoughts on “PLAYLIST

  1. Stacie

    I love when books come with a playlist, especially when the book is amazing and I need something to carry over the high until the next one is released lol This was an amazing book!


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