She was just a girl, living in a lonely world…

So you’d like to know more about me? Well, kick back, grab a martini, and tune in! This an amazing, harrowing, gargantuanly…..short story.

I hale from Iowa, but I’ve also lived in Nevada, Illinois, California, and Louisiana. Loved the sights in Cali, the food in New Orleans, and the nature in Illinois. BUT, Iowa will always be my home.

I currently teach elementary school in Las Vegas and have lived here with my husband for seven years. We have a four year old daughter, and while I love her, parenting isn’t as easy as I thought. She will not be having any siblings:)

My loves are reading (of course) as well as dark chocolate, Red Stripe beer, long skirts, and bad boy heroes. I enjoy romance, including Contemporary, New Adult, and Erotica. As long as there is a good balance between the story and the romance, then I am in! There must be lots of foreplay (as you may have already figured out from Bully) for me to stay interested in a story. (And I mean foreplay as in fighting and drama, not kisses and cuddles.)

I give my utmost thanks to rock music, the color black, and Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate ice cream for my good moods. Oh, I feel like I’m forgetting something? Someone? Oh yes! I love you honey (really, my husband has been phenomenal with supporting me and being ignored while I wrote).

I started my first book in the summer of 2012 but put it on hold for about four months when a new school year began. Later that year, in December, I got back on track and wrote almost daily for five months. Thanks to the help of my great friend, Vibeke, I was able to use her advice and imput to make my first book so much better than it otherwise would’ve been.

Now, onto Rival!


5 thoughts on “She was just a girl, living in a lonely world…

  1. morgan

    I can not wait till rival! This is my favorite book ever I love the way u don’t find out Jared’s full story till the end but u get bits and pieces throughout the book!! Cant wait!:)

  2. Cheryl

    I got the book yesterday and read the whole thing. I thought it was great. No downtime…always something happening which made me not want to put the story down. Can’t wait for another like this one from you! Will be recommending to my friends!


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