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About Penelope Douglas

When my husband texted me from downstairs, wondering when the heck I'd be done writing, I would always say the same thing. "A couple more weeks, honey." He learned to stop believing me, and I learned to ignore the catastrophe my daughter made of the house as I wrote. I live in Las Vegas where I teach second grade, and although it's been hard to juggle responsibilities, I've gotten a lot of enjoyment during the past year trying to put a book together. I feel it's important to keep learning and keep growing. Try new things and set new goals! But...never grow up. Oh no, that would be a tragedy. Bully is my first book, released in June 2013. Look for Book 2 in the Fall Away Series, Rival, in late 2013.

Next Book

The next book is Until You, Jared’s pov. It is set to be out before the end of the year!



***PLAYLIST-Sorry, it’s not hyperlinked. I’m still learning. If anyone knows how to do that, I would definitely post it. 

Songs in order of appearance in book.

1. Hats Off to the Bull-Chevelle
2. Remedy-Seether
3. Chalk Outline-Three Days Grace
4. Quutamo-Apocalyptica
5. Miss Murder (Long Version)-AFI
6. Waking the Demon-Bullet for My Valentine
7. Remember Everything-Five Finger Death Punch
8. Sick-Adelita’s Way
9. Broken-Seether
10. Behind Blue Eyes-Limp Bizkit

Theme Song-The Collapse by Adelita’s Way

And other tunes that kept me zoned in:
1. Blood-In This Moment
2. Stone-Alice in Chains
3. Face to the Floor-Chevelle

Inspiration for Bully

Bullying is an extremely serious issue, and as a teacher, I take a special interest in any student made to feel unsafe. I liked the idea of a young woman coming into her own and learning how to stand tall in the face of abuse. But bullies also have their stories, too. This song (I love rock music, can you tell?) inspired the idea for Bully. Now, who’s speaking in the song? Jared or Tate? That’s up to you, I guess!